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Keygate 2022-now


Modular and open-source identity management, authentication and authorization. Coming out Q3 2023

Creating an Operating System in Rust 2023

Creating an Operating System in Rust

A series of blog posts guiding you through the process of creating an operating system in Rust

StayGo 2023-now


canX StayGo helps you keep track of all your things and helps you to see if you really need them.\nI am currently working on the first version of the app.

Koi 2023


Koi is a new lossless image format that is designed for embedded systems and game engines 2021-2022

With we're striving to build a green and fast cryptocurrency. I'm the team lead, designed the protocol and created the architecture of the project

Snowstorm 2021-2022


Snowstorm is a lean and fast alternative to next.js, made possible by utilizing new technologies like ES modules and new build tools like es-build. Further, Snowstorm is build from the ground up with React 18.0 in mind. It supports a broader ecosystem instead of building a walled garden. 2021-now

A home for many of my smaller, experimental and older projects

Etournity 2020


Etournity wants gamers to organize and participate in online esports tournaments effortlessly.\n\nI joined the Etournity team as a developer in the summer of 2020. My focus was on transitioning the project to next.js and securing the GraphQL API.

FantasyMarket 2020


FantasyMarket is a working stock market simulation where the user can invest in-game currency in a simulated market wholly separated from the real world.\n\nI created the software architecture and designed and implemented the react frontend. 2020

Clickland is a game platform I was working on at the start of 2020, based around a central clicker-based gameworld connected to many mini-games similar to neopets.

recordskip 2019


Recordskip is an app for vinyl record lovers tracks your collection with the help of Image Recognition and gives you music recommendations for expanding your musical horizons.\n\nI designed the App and implemented it with React Native.

canX 2018 - 2020


canX was my first startup. We created a multimedia streaming platform that isn't supported by ads. Creators instead earn money through donations made possible by our micropayments platform. 2017 - 2019

LiveCount Pro is a real-time anaylytics platform and dashboard with support for multiple social networks and multiple channels simultaneously.

musiqpad 2016


Musiqpad ia an open-source social-music software platform for users to host their own chatrooms and enjoy music together with others.\n\nI worked on modernizing the codebase and finding and fixing security vulnerabilities.

musiqplus 2015-2016


MusiqPlus is a Google Chrome extension that enhanced the experience on musiqpad servers with a ton of extra features. This started my involvement with Musiqpad and was one of my first larger projects.