Created at the #wirvsvirus hackathon, TwoWeeksOfFood aims to solve some of the supply issues created by the CORVID-19 Crisis. (Created by Arthur Hoge and me)



Recordskip was my first semester-project at Code University. It's an app for vinyl music lovers that tracks your collection and gives you music recomendations for your vinyl collation.

canX2018 - now


canX is the fair and open space for everyone to share creative ideas. We enable users and creators to produce content independently and get rewarded for doing what they love.

livecount.pro2017 - 2019

LiveCount is a realtime follower/subscriber counter with support for multiple social networks and multiple channels at the same time. I created this just as a quick project over the course of one weekend.



Musiqpad was/is a social-music software platform for users to host their own rooms and enjoy music together with others. Our Team sadly doesn't have enought time for it anymore but I hope we can continue to work on it in the future.



MusiqPlus was a Chrome plugin that enhanced the experience on musiqpad servers with a ton of extra features. This started my involvement with Musiqpad and was one of my first "big" projects.


My first Node.Js Project, Multitube was a website for viewing two youtube videos side-by-side. I was inspired by youtubemultiplier but their implementation was lacking features and ux was horrible so I build my own site.